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Adyapana Exhibitions to assist the students of GCE OL and AL to select future education Mon, 2011-07-11 00:47 — editor News

Adyapana Exhibitions to assist the students of GCE OL and AL to select future education
Mon, 2011-07-11 00:47 — editor
By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune
Colombo, 11 July, (
The demand for higher and specialized qualifications by employers is increasing day by day and the educational institutions are now meeting that demand.

To ease the task of finding such opportunities to obtain these qualifications, Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services Pvt Ltd (LECS), held ‘ADYAPANA exhibition at Taj Samudra.

The series of ADYAPANA exhibitions bring together under one roof provides educational information to those who seek them. In Sri Lanka today those in search of such information are students who intend sitting the GCE Ordinary Level and Advance Level Examinations or those who have been successful in these examinations. Parents of these students too sometimes seek this information.

They can get correct information on the numerous fields of study such as business management, medicine, IT, architecture, finance, hotel management, aviation and maritime, tourism and hospitality, marketing and many more. They can also seek other pathways leading up to degrees, post graduation and certification programmes.

Knowing of the availability of information is advantageous but better still is to take advantage of an opportunity to make a close study and make a selection, with guidance, of the most appropriate which will ensure success. ADYAPANA offers the opportunity to make a close study and this opportunity is also provided at the Exhibition held at Weber Stadium, Batticaloa and it is held in association with the Batticaloa International Trade Fair.

Another of such Adyapana Exhibition will be held at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial exhibition centre, Colombo from the 21st to 23rd October 2011 and finally in Jaffna adjoining Durayaappa Stadium from 20th-22nd January 2012.

ECS Director, Imran Hassan said that these dates are considered very appropriate as they are the times when life shaping decisions are mostly made by students and their parents. ADYAPANA exhibition is there to offer its services to make correct decisions not only with regard to programmes of study, centers of study both local and foreign, approximate costs, visa requirements etc.

The importance of ADYAPANA Exhibitions to prospective students and their parents in this country does not need much elaboration when one considers that over 200,000 sit for the GCE Advance Level Examination each year. Of these it is known that about 150,000 are successful but only about 14,500 gain admissions to universities.

Of the remaining portion of students, a very large number are capable and have the ability to pursue higher studies. It is to these that ADYAPANA wishes to lend a helping hand creating a ‘Passport to your future’. It offers virtually scores of options to map out nationally and internationally available career pathways according to their capabilities, choices and financial and other resources. What is more is that all these are available under one roof with knowledgeable guidance during the most appropriate time of the year.

- Asian Tribune -

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පෙරලිකරය අලුත්ම නවකතව ලගදිම බලාපොරොතු වනන අපෙ කතව..................!!!!!!!!!

මම දවසම ෆුල්ල් චාටර් කියාගෙනම අපෙ බොඩිමට අතුල උන ඒ එක්කම බොඩිම කාමර තුල සිටි කොයිය අතේ තිබුනු සිගරට් එක්ක මට දික්කල උගුරට දෙකට සිගරට් බගෙ බිපු මම කො කටීය අද නෑද කියල මම අහුවෙ වෙනඩ තිබුනු අතල එක්ක බොඩිමෙ නති නිස්ස එක්කම කොයියා දිපු උත්තරේට මම අන්දුන් කුන්ඩුන් වි ගියා

අහිමි නුබට

මගේ යෑයි සිසතු ඔබ
මටත් හොරන්
මාව තනිකර
වෙන හදවතක
හිමි කරියක් වෙලා....................
පෙරලිකරය අලුත්ම නවකතව ලගදිම බලාපොරොතු වනන

අපෙ කතව..................!!!!!!!!!

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සොමියට වරෙන් පුතා අගුලු දාලා නෑ දොරේ...

අහපං රියල් කථා ගුනෙ අයියගෙ කාමරේ...

හිටපං සයිඩ් එකෙන් වාඩිවෙලා සුමිතුරේ.....

මස්කට් පැනි බූන්දි තියෙනවා මගෙ කාමරේ......

මේක ගුණෙ අයියගෙ බජව් දාන කාමරේ.....

මේක ගුණෙ අයියගෙ බජව් දාන කාමරේ.....

ඔන්න අපේ ෆන් කාමරේ.....
හිතට එන දුකක් සතුටක් බෙදා ගන්ඩ එන්න අපේ කාමරේට.....